Monday, January 16, 2012

Running in Quicksand

Some progress is better than no progress.
Despite my best intentions, and efforts, over the past 24 hours or so, I haven't gotten a whole lot done recently.  Last night I decided it was high time to get those new Legion reinforcements built.  This has been a sore spot with me since they arrived as I just haven't had the modelling urge of late.  Absylonia was my target for completion, but never got off the ground mostly because of the separate leg.  Yes, something as small as attaching another leg put me off my intended course.  It was that sort of night.  Next I tried the Shepherds, which are only two pieces, and succeeded in gluing them to their bases, but the tiny, spindly arms (smaller than the smallest drill bit I have) and their refusal to take glue left them half finished.  The current plan is to do up some greenstuff rocks and sink the staff into said rock, then try (again) to glue the arm on while the rock does most of the work.  There was one small success in that I assembled the Deathstalker, which is a nicer model than I originally thought (and I thought it was nice when I saw it on the PP gallery).  The Forsaken didn't even bear consideration since it's a smaller, more finicky Absylonia.

On the painting front, I got a bit of work done today.  I laid down the browns, including the areas that will eventually be gold, but stumbled after that.  Turns out the browns weren't quite as "inside" as I'd thought (since I'm going for the painting inside-to-outside approach), so I gave everything that wasn't a face or a cloak a Devlan Mud wash and walked around the table for a bit.  Eventually I settled on Orks and got a little work in on them as a change of pace.  That worked like a charm and after finishing my Orky interlude I went back to the Greylords, finished up the grey interior robes, and called it a day.  It seems like this batch is getting close to being done, though I'm sure if I listed off the things that need finished (bright reds, greens, fur, hair, metals, leather, assorted touchups and details, basing...) it wouldn't seem that close after all so I think I'll skip the list and call the post finished.

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