Thursday, January 19, 2012

Greylords inching along

Chipped away at the Greylords yesterday.  Greens and reds are done, leaving browns as the last big block of color remaining.  After that it's all little details.  That means I don't have much longer to waffle about how to do the fringes along the cloaks.  My usual approach to fur, the group I'd lump the fringes in with, is an almost-white grey.  Since the backs of the cloaks are that same grey, I'll need to do something else with them.  My palette is rather limited in terms of spot colors, meaning none, and I'm hesitant to introduce any new colors on models that are already going to stand apart from the rest of the army.  That said, the clubhouse leader is yellow, at least for the auxiliary cloaks that everyone except the grunts have.  I've thought about green for the fringes on the main cloaks but I don't think it'd look very good.  Then again said fringes do border the red interiors, so at least they'd be in familiar surroundings.  Something to ponder.  Speaking of red, the shoulder pads don't pop quite like I had expected.  It's no big deal, they don't disappear into the cloaks or anything, but it is a bit disappointing.  For today I hope to get the browns finished and perhaps do the bases (if not the arc markings), plus whatever details I can manage.  I don't think I'll get them finished today, but I'd like to get close.

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