Friday, September 7, 2012

Journeyman Painting Log # 27

Ready to drop some clouds.
Earlier this week I realized that I was done painting for the Journeyman league.  I hadn't hit my ultimate goal (paint all the Legion) and the league hadn't ended yet (technically it goes until Sunday, at least I think so), but painting was done all the same.  Why?  In order to get the points for painting a model you had to play it in a game.  I won't play with something that's painted but not varnished and the usual DMV humidity wasn't going to allow any spraying in time to get something varnished for Thursday, so I called it a job well done.  After all I'd hit my first goal (be painted for Hardcore) and then some, so I took a well deserved break from painting.  At least until today.

Gobbers can rock murses with no shame, or less shame than usual.
I couldn't stay away for long, so today I cranked out the Swamp Gobbers EV got me for some gift giving occasion, probably Christmas.  It was a nice change of pace to paint something that had no blue or orange in it, and extra nice to paint some green flesh again.  There's something about doing green skin that's very easy and relaxing.  About the only thing better is painting over that green with blue, but that's a story for another time.  The gobbers got a simple, but well done, paint job.  Brown tunics, red pants, some metals, a purple purse, that was about it.  I tried something new for the bases, painting the entire front arc a different color instead of just doing tics at the edges.  It's an approach I've seen on lots of bases and one I wish I'd gone with when I got started.  I don't know that I'll be switching to it now, but I'll let the gobbers work on me for a bit and decide then.  Their bases will get the Blood Angel treatment (little bits of static grass) which will be a stark contrast to all the white Legion bases, but that's the point.

So this is the end of Journeyman painting.  I was considering a big wrap-up post, maybe some before and after shots, but I'm already late for Strausburg's penultimate start, so it'll all have to wait until next time.

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