Friday, September 14, 2012

Another painted warlock

Painted, but when will she see the table? 
Following the painting frenzy that was the Journeyman league, I took a bit of a break from the brushes.  Today that ended, resulting in a painted Rhyas.  Painting went along as it usually does, though I nearly repeated the scheme mistake I made with Saeryn.  Fortunately I have this handy record of my progress to check back on and was able to dodge disaster. 

The more interesting part, at least to me, of this latest project is that it represents a return to painting what I don't plan on using any time soon.  While I like the idea of a ninja sword princess just fine, looking at the cards that come with Rhyas doesn't fill me with playing fervor.  My first thought for painting was eVlad, but there's a high probability that I'll be fielding him tomorrow and most likely wouldn't have the time to finish and varnish the model.  Because I'm not itching to play Rhyas I could paint her at a leisurely pace, not that I did, without hearing the gaming clock ticking.  Of course there's more delicious irony here.  Now that Rhyas is painted, I'll be more eager to play her.  Having painted minis languishing in my bag is something I try to avoid.  I also need a new "noobhammer" (the caster I'll play against someone who's new to the game) as I've been getting better with pLylyth, my previous choice, who isn't as hamstrung as I first thought.

On the horizon are two events this weekend, located in the newly installed tab I posted about previously.  I got over my reluctance to dedicate another weekend to Warmachine after the marathon that was the Nova Open a mere two weeks ago.  Between recaps for those two, the three Open recaps that are still waiting to be done, and all the non-Warmahordes stuff I've been meaning to post about I'll have more than enough content to keep me, and of course my readers, busy.

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