Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New feature, Nova Open coverage to come

Behold my newest creation! 
I've finally added a local events page to the blog.  This has been on the to do list for quite a while, and at long last I can take it off.  Part of the feet dragging was due to the nigh-identical list over at Anything But a One, but a quick glance will show the depth of dust that has settled there.  I do sweeps of my "local" stores periodically, trawl the forums a bit less frequently, and am on two local mailing lists so I hope to catch all the events and keep the list current.  It's possible, perhaps likely, that I'll miss stuff or slack on updating, so if you my modest cloud of readers see something I've missed be sure to let me know.  I'm restricting the list to single day events currently, so leagues won't show up as they're not the sort of thing I'd travel for.  Greater coherency in the DMV Warmahordes scene is something I'd love to see and keep bugging PGs about, but there's no reason I can't chip in even if my contribution is modest.

In other blog news, I'm putting together a Nova Open recap.  Things are a bit fuzzy so it's taking longer than expected, but considering the lack of Open coverage, or more precisely Warmahordes Open coverage, I'm more inclined than usual to ramble on about an event.  The plan now is to break it up by day.  Hopefully I can get Friday up today and get the whole recap done this week.

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