Friday, September 21, 2012

Strider UA Painted and Ready

Now the UA will blend in with the rest of the unit. 
Title says it all.  Now my Striders will all look the same.  Once I get the UA varnished of course.  The pair painted up nice and easy, as most of my recent projects have, but all was not peaches and puppy dogs.  While transporting the models from bag to painting table I lost another bit, this time the officer's scabbard.  As with the Strider leader's bow and BFS hand, I stuck it into a blob of bluetac to deal with later and pressed on.

Beyond the simple joy of crossing another item off my list of things to paint, I'm glad to get the Striders finished off so that I can really sink my teeth into them without the easy out of having only part of the unit painted.  Striders look like a versatile tool on paper, but my experience with them on the table has been somewhat underwhelming.  Then again I'm not a particularly patient player and don't do the whole "skirting around at the edge of your threat range" thing very well.  Of course that's why I want to start making a study of the Striders in the hope that they'll help develop that part of my game.

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