Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Something Is Better Than Nothing

A different sort of gun mage.
Despite the complete lack of blog activity over the past bit, I have neither died nor forsaken gaming.  Having finally obtained a copy of the IK RPG I've been deep in its pages for the last few days.  The game has a much stronger focus on combat than I'd hoped for, but on further consideration that isn't surprising.  RPGs are what you make out of them though so the possibilities are endless.  My initial impulse was towards a spell slinger of some flavor, a Greylord most likely to keep with my theme.  Pistoleers look interesting too though with the added benefit that there are lots of models out there that are appealing (this one in particular).  I could combine the two into a Gun Mage except that I'd want to do an Amethyst Rose flavor which doesn't really click with the Khador thing.  For now ideas will just swirl while I make my way through the book. 

Plus there's the small issue of finding a group, but I'm hoping that resolves itself with little fuss.

Also in recent news, I finally have a Dust army to push around on the table.  When I put the order in the Revised Core Set was out of stock which put a sizable spanner in the works since the plan incorporated most of the pieces in it.  Of course you can only get those in that particular box, which is a rant I've indulged in elsewhere, so I went back to the drafting table to hammer out a collection that could stand by itself until I could get the Core-only models.  After a pair of speedy field tests with EV I found my force to be fit for fighting.  Of course the real test remains: painting.  In addition to figuring out a scheme (I'd like something at least inspired by what the Germans wore while fighting in Russia) there's the question of mold lines and bent barrels.  Mold lines aren't as bad as they could be, though they're far from wonderful while also being trickier than usual to get to since the minis are already assembled.  Part of me wants to embrace the economy of the game and just paint them as-is, stock primer and all.  The rest of me knows that I'll get halfway through the first squad and wish I'd taken the time to clean them properly.  I think I'll give it a week or three to simmer and see how it looks after a couple more games.

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