Friday, October 19, 2012

Caution: alliteration ahead

The most kick-ass B and B ever.
It's been far too long since I actually painted anything.  When combined with the looming league deadline this provided all the motivation I needed to get back to the table.  I felt a little slackerly when I picked assembling and painting Bethayne and Belphagor as my design-your-own hobby badge goal for the (tardy) Dark Secrets league...until a few days ago when I realized I had until Sunday to get the pair (plus inserts) out of the box and finished.    I flew through assembly, though I fear my lack of pining will come back to haunt me, and got the models primed yesterday morning.  Fast forward through today (you can slo-mo through some of the brushwork, I won't tell anyone) and I've managed to crap out not just one but two models (and a pair of inserts) in a single day of painting.  Even after being away from it for a while I slide back into my Legion scheme effortlessly, as if it were a thing I designed (mostly) myself and (arguably) perfected over countless (~70) repetitions.  Varnish will have to wait a few days, but this newly painted pair won't be debuting until Thursday at the earliest.  Hopes are high that Bethayne is the spell slinger I always wanted pVayl to be, or something close enough to hold me over until I finally free eVayl from her plastic prison.

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