Monday, July 2, 2012

Journeyman Painting Log # 6

Armor?  What armor? 
For real this time.  Finished up the first Angelius and Saeryn on Friday before the storm hit and threw a wrench into everything.  The Angelius went much quicker than the Seraph did, probably thanks to less total wing space to paint.  Days after finishing I realize I did the Angelius a little different than the other beasts, with no dark brown on the tips of spikes and plates.  I may "correct" that next time or I may just embrace having beasts that are all subtly unique.  Maybe this Angelius is just younger than the others and hasn't put in the time to get the dark tips yet.
Looks right.

One area worked out as well as I'd hoped: the claws on the wings.  That they were sculpted properly, with no wing attached to the claws, was a great boon.  If only the Seraph had been done the same way then there wouldn't have been a problem in the first place.  I'll probably go back to the Seraph and paint it to match, ignore the sculpting and using all my painting skills (ha) to make it look like the model was designed that way all along.

Not my proudest moment.
Following up the success of the Angelius is a....less successful Saeryn.  Part of the problem here is that I was hurrying along to finish her and the Angel on Friday.  The other, larger factor is the still in-progress translation of my beast scheme to infantry.  The basic concept is simple: cream for cloth, orangey-brown for leather, metals for metal.  What throws a wrench in is when there are adjacent areas of the same material as on Saeryn's legs.  The currently orange bits are standard Legion leathers, present on Spell Martyrs and Swordsmen and probably other bits I'm less familiar with.  The boots/calf coverings also look like leather to me which presents the problem of how to paint two adjacent, yet distinct, areas in the same scheme while keeping them visually separate.  My attempt here, splitting the brown and orange, is not so great.  What I'm contemplating now is changing the calves to cream, even if I don't really think they're cloth, then doing the leather skirty bits in the usual orange/brown.  When I finished Saeryn I told myself it wasn't great but it was painted, which would be enough.  Looking again now that's not the case, and I think my proposed fix should go quick enough to not make me hate every second of it.  We'll find out.

Also due for revisions.
Also seeing some progress was a Spell Martyr.  This one looks pretty garish a well.  The orange leathers are the culprit this time, though they turned out better than Saeryn's did.  He's rocking a loin cloth which I initially wanted to do in purple, but ended up doing in cream because I was working with that color at the time and didn't want to backtrack.  There are some leather shinguards that stopped me from doing the whole leg cream to begin with, but assuming the color changes work on Saeryn I'll be doing the same thing to this guy as well, which will almost require a purple loin cloth.  Funny how things work out.

There's still a week or two before games for the Journeyman league start, but with the fully painted requirement for games it's not too soon to start thinking about what I have painted and what I can run as a result.  I've got five beasts done (Angel, Carni, Raek, Seraph, Typhon) which is enough to fuel my warlocks, but the lack of the magnetized kits will be painful.  Infantry is much sparser with just the Shepherds ready to go.  My plan thus far had been to do Legionnaires next, mostly because they look to paint up quickly, but I think I'll have to start rotating Forsakens onto the painting table.  With three in my collection I can paint one and still have two available which will satisfy all my lists except for Aby's tier at 50 points, but that's a small enough case that avoiding it shouldn't be a problem.  More pressing are the magnetized kits.  I primed the torsos last week but the arms still need putty before priming, plus there's another set of Scythean and Ravagore arms and heads to do, to say nothing of the Carnivean bits.  Ultimately I want to add a third kit as well so I can run double Ravagores with a Scythean, but that can wait for a bit.  In the meantime, looks like it's time to move on to a Forsaken and some beast torsos.

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