Monday, July 30, 2012

Journeyman Painting Log # 16

Cooking up some beasts.
Today I finished up the Spawning Vessel which, if iBodger can be believed (mine has certainly been acting up of late), puts me at 50% painted for Legion.  This seems a bit high since it feels like I still have a whole faction in boxes and blisters, but on reflection it's probably accurate.  The unit pile is down to Striders and the Blackfrost Shard (who have seemed like a very attractive option recently), plus the straggling Swordsmen parts.  Beasts and casters are both down to a handful.  While I'm just reaching halfway, the finish line already seems closer than expected.  That said, my stated goal (get my Hardcore list painted) is not yet completed (settling on a list would help), much less my other stated goal of painting all the Legions.  Perpetual doom and gloom aside, it's nice to hit a milestone like this every now and then.  What's next?  I should finish off the (potential) Hardcore list, but I may detour into a Bolt Thrower along the way.  And there's still that Deathstalker.

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