Monday, July 2, 2012

Journeyman Painting Log # 7

Looks much better now. 
Short but productive session today.  First on the agenda was fixing Saeryn as outlined in the last post.  The fix was a success that made Saeryn look like part of my growing army instead of some sort of spiky clown.  Normally I'd have more to say when finishing a model, but I kinda blew my load earlier today.  Instead enjoy some nice white space before the next picture.

Prepare to drop F-bomb.
Since Saeryn went so quick I got a start on a Forsaken, which also went so quick that I finished it as well.  Good day for finishing things off as I also did the pre-snow basing for the Angelius as well.  While I'm pleased with how the Forsaken turned out, there's no cream on the model due to lack of cloth and/or underplates.  This isn't an issue as it looks fine and will mesh with the rest of the army.  I can even use it as an opportunity to build (brush?) in some variation between the three identical models.  Perhaps the next one will have creamy claws and the final one will have a cream head.  Maybe I do one that has no orangey-brown at all and is just blue/white and cream.  The possibilities are endless.  Text?  Finite.  Enjoy more space.

Last on the roster is the Spell Martyr, who is becoming something of a malingerer.  I could probably call it finished at this point if not for the unfinished blight spikes all over the place.  I'd like to do something with the chest burst beyond simple viscera, maybe a glow effect or somesuch.  However it pans out, this guy is getting done in the next session as all that's really left is the aforementioned spikes, ribs, rock (or chunk of ice) at the feet, and anything I do to the chest.  Plenty of progress here, but the magnetized beasts still loom on the to-do list.  If I don't go to Huzzah tomorrow I'll try and crank out at least one torso before Thursday.

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