Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Journeyman Painting Log # 13

Ready to drop more F bombs. 
Did you know last Friday was the 13th?  I had no idea until I heard an offhand comment about it on the radio yesterday.  They used to be mini-events for me, but now I don't even notice.

Steering back to this blog's subject matter, I finished up the last two Forsaken yesterday.  They painted up quickly, as has been the trend of late, and they add in a little variety to an otherwise uniform army.  I won't know for sure until I line them up at once and take a look, but comparing pictures just now tells me that these two came out roughly the same as the first one, excluding the addition of the cream obviously, which pleases me.  My scheme seems to have shifted a bit over time, so being able to turn out multiple copies of a model at different times and have them look similar is very nice.  With these two models done all my Fury management is painted.  Combine that with the majority of my beasts also being painted and I'm in a good place entering the first week of Journeyman games. 

What's on the horizon?  I'm not entirely sure.  The Deathstalker is the obvious choice, though it's already showing the signs of a lingerer.  Legionnaires are the likely next target since they're assembled, primed, and look like they'll paint up quicker than usual.  While I'm eager to get after them, ultimately I'd rather do some Striders or maybe the pair of Bolt Throwers.  The problem with these is that they aren't assembled, let alone primed, and I've been having a hard time mustering any assembly momentum recently.  This sort of funk has always broken in the past, and I'm confident it will again soon enough, but it's a bit frustrating all the same.  In the meantime I'll focus on the Deathstalker and probably get a start on the Legionnaires as well.

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