Monday, July 9, 2012

Journeyman Painting Log # 10

Building strength up the middle. 
Got the torsos finished today according to schedule, complete with arc markings.  Arms and heads are ready for priming, also (mostly) according to schedule.  They'd be primed and possibly base coated by now if the weather had co-operated, but it decided that 90% humidity sounded great for the morning.  Hopefully things are more reasonable tomorrow or it'll be time for gesso.  Since I had more time left to paint after finishing the torsos, I got started on a Deathstalker.  There's no picture because "got started" means I put down the first layer of cream.  While that covers a significant amount of model, it doesn't make for the most exciting viewing.  The painting plan hasn't changed (torsos, arms/heads, Forsaken), but after that I'll have to do some considering.  While I have a few ready-to-paint options available the majority of my options still reside in blisters.  Current front-runners include the Swamp Gobbers crew, Annyssa Ryvaal, flushing out the Swordsmen, finishing off the Spawning Vessel, and getting some Striders ready.  Or I could just knock out some Shredders.  Or Legionnaires.  Or get a Bolt Thrower done.  Many choices ahead.

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