Saturday, July 14, 2012

Journeyman Painting Log # 11

Upside down for no good reason... 
Today I finished up the arms and heads that I started earlier this week.  While the scheme followed the usual guidelines, I had to improvise a bit in how I applied it, literally, to the bits.  When I painted the Marauder arms (which I see I never posted a final shot of) I could hold the shoulder ball and not worry much about rubbing paint off because they'd be hidden away inside the socket.  With these Scythean and Ravagore arms I didn't have the luxury of using a spot that would later be hidden.  While doing the skin there weren't many issues, but once I started all the chitin I had to pick a spot to grip for the rest of the process.  When I finished the rest of the arm, or head as the case may be, I went back and painted (quickly) the spot I'd held onto while wearing a latex glove to avoid rubbing paint off the finished areas as much as possible.  The results are acceptable and while I can see where the transition is I think it'll be harder for someone who doesn't already know which bit was the handle to pick it out. 

With this set of bits done I've gotten a reasonable selection of models painted before games start for the Journeyman league on Monday, which brings along a fully painted requirement.  The "suggested" game size ramps up from week to week, starting out at battlebox level, so I don't have to worry about not having enough fieldable points for quite a while, but aside from that it's nice to have most of my beasts painted.  When I finish off my final two Forsaken I'll be able to put down a fully painted 50 point tier 4 Absylonia list that I've ridden to glory many times in the past, plus other less heralded builds.  After I get those lingering support pieces done I can turn my attention fully to infantry, crazy as that is to say, while still adding in the odd Nephilim, Angelius, or additional set of magnetized arms as a change of pace. 

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