Monday, July 16, 2012

Journeyman Painting Log # 12

A little dark, but workable. 
There wasn't a lot of progress made on Sunday, but there was some.  I blocked out the colors on my remaining Forsaken as well as a Deathstalker.  While the picture is a bit dark, if click for the larger version you can make out the colors.  Initially I was just going to paint everything the same for ease of production, but after finishing the first Forsaken and realizing it was all blue and brown I figured I'd throw some white into the mix.  After all, nothing says rampant mutation like a Forsaken.  I also tweaked my plan for the Deathstalker to go with leather wrappings instead of cloth to avoid having areas of cloth overlapping each other.  This means I'll be doing metal armor instead of leather, but that's a fine compromise even if it doesn't really mesh with my idea of Striders as rangy outdoorsmen.  Or outdoorselves as the case may be.  Hopefully the Deathstalker gets some hunting companions soon when I finally get those Striders together.

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