Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Journeyman Painting Log # 14

Another one (or ten) bites the dust. 
Attentive readers will remember how happy I was a month or three ago when I was painting a model from start to finish in a single day.  I upped the ante today by painting not one but ten models, taking them from primer through arc markings.  Granted the Legionnaires you see to the left aren't as pretty as, say, the Manhunter that I did back in April, but quantity has a quality all its own.  I'm too hard on my Legion offerings anyway, they turn out just fine.  I aim for somewhere between tabletop and display quality and I think I hit the mark.  The most important thing is that I get them painted, and with a quickness as the Nova Open is just over a month away.  My current Hardcore list, which I have yet to play, only needs a max Spawning Vessel and a set of Ravagore arms and head to be fully painted, plus maybe some spare Shredders and Harriers for the pot.  Considering my first goal for the Journeyman league was to get my Hardcore list painted I'm pretty happy with where I am.  Of course I haven't assembled any of the remaining models, but that's a problem for another day.

At least the back fits in with the rest of the army.
Back on the Legionnaires, they painted up even quicker than I had hoped.  They're a bit of a departure from what I've done so far in that they don't really have any of the blue/white that features so heavily in the beasts.  This isn't an issue though because they're covered in armor so there's no visible skin outside of the unit leader.  There's even a fluff justification for this as the Legionnaires are all about teamwork and unit co-ordination, which is a big departure from the otherwise independent (or at least individualistic) Nyss.  To incorporate some of the colors that would otherwise be absent I painted the sword hilts purple, washed the armor plates with blue, and washed the scale mail with purple.  The last turned out particularly well and is a technique I may revisit in the future if I can find the right application for it.  I even highlighted the blue metals, a step I usually omit as I don't see a lot of results from highlighting metals.  The big expanses of blue steel were a bit much though and the results were well worth the couple minutes spent re-establishing the silver.

Happy as I am to cross another item off my to-do list, I'm now staring down a problem that has been building for the last few weeks.  The Legionnaires were the last large chunk of ready-to-paint Legion I had.  Now my supply is down to a pair of Swordsmen, the few Archers who have yet to break their bows, and a handful of Shredders that need some gap filling on their bases but are otherwise ready to go.  With that concern in mind I again broke out the modelling box and put glue to metal.  Tonight was more productive than most have been of late, producing a Swamp Gobber team and a start on the Succubus.  The Succubus is perhaps the most poorly designed model I've yet attempted to assemble, which is saying something considering the amount of floating hands PP produces, but I'll get into that when I finish bodging the thing together.  At the forefront going forward will be the Spawning Vessel and Ravagore bits, then maybe something (hopefully) fun like eThags.

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