Friday, July 27, 2012

Journeyman Painting Log # 15

Behold my latest endeavor. 
Today I started on the Spawning Vessel, the single largest concentration of unpainted models left in my current (for now) Hardcore list.  Doing the cream bits has become my favorite part of painting Legion and these models provide plenty of opportunity for that.  A little too much opportunity really as they're 95% cloth, which requires a bit of creative interpretation.  The models wear skirts? loin cloths? let's call the petticoats, which are separate from their larger cloaks.  Normally cloth becomes creamy, but I do hate to put the two swatches of the same color together.  I thought about doing them purple like the Swordsmen's loincloths, but instead I went with orange.  Since the goo in the pot will also be orange it should help tie the unit together visually while still staying within my palette.  The models all have the ninja bandanas, plus quite a collection of jewels, so I'll have chances aplenty to fit some purple in.  The pot itself is a bit more of a problem with all the filigree.  Normally I'd do that in gold, but I've decided that my Legion doesn't have any gold, so I'll need an alternative.  I had hoped a simple blue wash would get the job done, and when it didn't I even went back and highlighted the metal (for all the good it did), but it's still a bit bland.  When I finish off the unit I think I'll do the details in orange as befits a big ol' pot of blight.  Once this unit is finished I'll be down to a set of Ravagore bits, some random lessers to spawn (probably a pair of Harriers and another Shredder so I have a bit of choice), maybe the other Angelius, and perhaps a Succubus.  After my maiden voyage into the Hardcore format last night, along with the debut of my list for said format, I've spent plenty of time last night and today considering changes.  I have a direction in mind, but I'm not sure about it just yet.  When I have some time I'll write up a post about it, mostly to organize my thoughts and work through the list for myself, but you all might as well get some entertainment out of it as well.

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