Thursday, March 29, 2012

Marauder WIP #1

About to combo slam his way into your heart.  Or backfield.
Something odd happened yesterday.  On a whim I started on the Marauder.  A couple hours later, the thing was nearly finished.  I'm not entirely sure how this happened since I only planned on getting the metals painted and covered in Tamiya Smoke.  I got on a roll and just went with it.  While it isn't my best work ever (the top door/coal bin/whatever being particularly worrisome) I can't argue with the time invested/work finished ratio.  With moderate luck I'll be able to finish painting, apply a coat of varnish, and have it ready for gaming tonight.  The freehand on the top will have to wait in that case, but that's a small price to pay.  As if that wasn't enough progress for one day I also assembled eVlad, based Zerkova and Saxon Orrik last night.  This morning I primed those three, plus the pVlad I thought I had already primed.  I sketched out a couple quick eVlad lists last night while waiting for things to dry and am eager to see how things work out.  Despite a lack of Drago (who may well find a way into my bag before Beast 09 or Behemoth), the idea of running a dozen weapon masters with at least a 12" charge, MAT "Oh look, not snake eyes," and a P+S "Were you wearing armor?  I didn't notice." is very appealing.  Granted that's only on the feat turn, but it's not like he doesn't have other spells.  Plus there's Vlad himself.  Then there's Zerkova.  She seems like she could be decent, but I think it'll take a couple games with her to wrap my head around what she does and how she does it.  While the eVlad lists wrote themselves, putting one together for Zerkova was more work.  I generally have a list in mind when I head to the FLGS, or maybe a couple variations on a theme, which can make it a challenge to try and tailor a list to the level of my opponent.  Tonight should be much easier in that regard: eVlad for full face smashing, Zerkova for the noobs or "I want to try a jack heavy pSorscha list" match-ups.  Should be interesting.  Now to get back to painting so I can have a shiny new Marauder to lay down.


  1. Fun Fact: that door on the top of the warjack's back is actually the cortex housing. That's right, warjacks don't keep their brains in their heads, but in their backs!

    He's looking really good there, it's a shame he got his arm ripped off in our last game before he could combo-slam, eh? of course I ultimately got my teeth kicked in.

    Question- is there a reason you didn't just strip my Vlad variant and then repaint him rather than go buy old (in my opinion crappy) Vlad?

    Keep up the good work.

  2. It is unfortunate that the Marauder is a bit of a one trick pony, especially since that trick is so easy to counter. It's a hell of a trick though. The upcoming league features an upgrade to Marauders that makes them immune to crippled systems, so it'll be able to combo slam like a champ until its last box is marked. Should be great dirty fun.

    Re: Vlads, I got them both from you actually. The one I primed this morning was assembled but otherwise untouched. The alternate Vlad is a bit too tightly coiled for me. Plus classic Vlad has the whole "Come at me bro!" pose.