Monday, March 26, 2012

New Brush Finishes Typhon

Close enough to call it done.
After sitting on it for a couple weeks (and finally getting some of the Master's brush cleaner) I finally broke out the W&N today.  The early returns are very nice, but all brushes do great the first couple sessions with them.  There were a few stray hairs, plus one that stuck out past the point a bit much for comfort, but overall a good impression. 

Whether it was the brush or just a desire to finally finish painting something (feels like forever since I completed a project), today Typhon's armor got done, and with it the model in general.  There's a coat of varnish in the near future, then back to the table for pre-flock white on the base and arc markings, but Typhon is effectively painted now (and just in time for the Paint the Target deadline on Wednesday).  My initial impression is that the upper plates look a bit different than the Carnivean's do.  A quick photo check of the two seems to confirm it (plus reminds me I need to paint a blue/white stripe along the toes between the plates and the claws), but I'll do an old-fashioned eye check later tonight.  Typhon painted up real quick, which is always good, so if the results are a little different than expected I'm willing to make that trade.  Beasts are bound to have more variety than jacks, so it all fits.

Up next: pVlad and a Marauder.  I think.  Also in the works is a big (for me) post about the WGI Deathstar.

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  1. Looks great. I think the armor plates have more orange in them than the carnivean, as you mostly used orange for the bumps on it.

    My replacements W&N S7 #1 had some stray hairs initially, but after a month of working on my WGDS, Joe, and 2 Mortars (about 80% done), it seems to have resolved itself.

    If you have Master's Brush Cleaner or equivalent, you can clean the brush, leave some of the soap in it and form it to a point while it drys. This will help shape the brush for future painting sessions.

    Also, a neet trick from the W&N website is that if you load the brush with water, then flick it, it will form a nice point.

    Keep up the inspiring work.