Friday, March 9, 2012

Progress with little to show for it

No model pictures = look at the bacon.
Let's start with the obvious: I have no pictures for you.  Photography fail aside, I've been rather productive recently.  I feel like a list, bullet-point style.
  • The Demo Corps are fully assembled and on their way to being based.  I worked up a big ball of greenstuff to attach the shoulders and then fill the gaps in the bases before ballasting.  Shoulders are attached, but I forgot about the bases.  Hope to get that rectified tonight, along with the unpainted pVlad that's been hanging around for far too long.
  • On the ballast front, I managed to knock over my tiny container last night, so today I got a new bag.  Considering how long the tiny bit I got 2+ years ago from EV lasted, the monstrous bag I got today should be enough to last approximately twice as long as I live.
  • Since I'm almost out of black primer, I got some more while I was getting ballast.  Quite the little shopping trip today.
  • Back to greenstuff, I applied it to Typhon and the Raek last night to prepare them for priming.  
  • Things primed this morning: Typhon, Raek, Yuri the Axe.  The first two will require another coat to get the undersides primed.  Yuri could use the same treatment, but can survive without it.
  • I decided my test Shredders are probably never going to get stripped and repainted, so I painted their bases white and laid down the first coat of gloss varnish.  The recently painted Carnivean also go the white base treatment.  On the schedule for tonight: applying snow to those three models.
  • The Shepherds got a little more love as well, the re-highlighting on the robes while also roughing in the purple and filling in the oranges.  I'm not sold on the scheme so I'm giving it some time for reflection.
  • I'm also chipping away at an old-fashioned battle report, complete with bears and pictures and all the usual stuff.
That's what I've been doing.  In addition to the above noted items I want to finish magnetizing the first Legion kit, build up the Khador kit that's been gathering dust for months, then carry on into the second Legion kit.

Thinking of splitting time between Legion and Khador modelling projects, I find myself stuck between the two factions.  With the frenzy of the Gnarls league behind me, I now have the opportunity to paint up all those Legion pieces I wanted to paint during the league (Seraph!) but couldn't bear to take off the table.  At the same time, I'm getting into the meaty part of painting Khador stuff where I have enough done to field fully painted lists, so I can paint up a particular unit or jack to expand what I have available for a fully painted list instead of having to paint everything except a particular beast that's already done, as is the case with Legion.  The current plan is to split time between them.  How well that works out remains to be seen...


  1. once you get a fully painted list you should only field fully painted from then on out... forcing yourself to paint if you want to play... terribly hard but worth it. it also helps to prohibit the buying of new models until everything is painted... it is rewarding.

  2. I could certainly use a gate on my model buying, which has again gotten out of hand despite my best intentions. Playing only painted stuff is a nice feeling and one that I'll be moving to...soon(ish). My big problem with it at the moment is that WGI make up a large part of my painted models, the only "core infantry" I have painted at the moment, which makes it hard to field a list without them. Considering my love/hate relationship with the WGI, to say nothing of the community's reaction to the unit, playing them in all my lists just isn't a viable option. If I can focus on Kayazy and/or Shock Troopers then I shouldn't be quite so restricted, but then I'm running into the Khador vs Legion painting priority problem again. Decisions, decisions. That said, it is awful nice playing with a fully painted army, and since the ability to do it all the time (with reasonable diversity) is within my grasp I'll certainly be reaching for that brass ring.