Thursday, March 1, 2012


Three patches down, one to go.
Sometimes the spirit just doesn't move you, as has been the case around here of late.  Perhaps you've noticed a longer-than-usual lapse between posts, an unmistakeable sign of this kind of malaise.  Fortunately I have mustered up the motivation to get a post done today, a post about the motivation I mustered yesterday in the form of painting objective markers.  The idea behind the markers is that they're from battles past when the Motherland had to sacrifice some (jack) limbs for victory and hasn't yet had to opportunity to recollect said limbs.  Her enemies are no doubt eager to lay hands (or claws or whatever) on these bits of fine, sturdy Khadoran machinery, hence the opportunity to contest the areas where these pieces reside.  I painted the markers in a more standard Khadoran scheme for two reasons: to give myself a break from painting the 5th Border Legion scheme, and to help underline the difference between these objective markers and the wreck markers I have.  Thankfully the deluge that assaulted the DMV yesterday relented today, so I was able to get a coat of varnish on the markers to protect them during the trip to the FLGS tonight.  Some snow will appear between now and the final coats of varnish, because it just isn't Khadoran without snow.

On the horizon, a package should be arriving tomorrow.  If it does, and if I can manage to slap together a pair of Legion heavy kits (hopefully with magnets, but with blu-tac if necessary) then I might be debuting a brand new list for the Gnarls league tournament on Saturday.  There are a couple big "ifs" in there, but should I manage the feat then I'll feel a lot better (theoretically) about the 25 pointer I'll be fielding.  In other league news the scoreboard has been updated and I'm tied for the lead, which isn't a great sign for my chances of victory considering that the guy I'm tied with (Danny, who pushed Skarre up for Aby to eat) is on the warpath for big games tonight while I'm trying to line up smaller team games.  We'll see how it turns out, but I'm already prepping my "I had a good time and that's what counts" interior monologue.


  1. ah my god dude I would have paid you serious cash for the decimator parts! agrhal blarghal!


    Really dig the page format!

    1. Alas I had only the gun as I used the saw arm to make Torch. I wish I had magnetized it now as I'll have to get another kit to make a Decimator, or else pony up the $16 bucks for the saw from a bits seller (not gonna happen).