Friday, March 30, 2012

Blood on the Table

He was worse in Mk 1?  Is that even possible? 
I had an epiphany at the FLGS last night.  His name is eVlad.  Sweet baby jebus does he kill stuff dead, including pDenny (who I've never killed before).  He's such a slaughtering machine he doesn't even need to use his own hands to do the killing, he can just cause some of his closest killing friends to hulk out and become mini-Vlads.  Feated Doomie?  Try MAT 10, P+S 16 Weapon Master with Berserk and a 14" threat range.  Feated Kayazy?  How about MAT 10, P+S 15 (with Gang), 12.5" threat range that walks through people to get to the killing (provided you have the UA with the mini-feat).  Manhunters?  Just as sick.  I'm sure the novelty of this will wear off (eventually), but my head is already full of wackiness to try out.  Can feated Mechanics take out, say, the Avatar?  Or a clammed-up Devastator?  I'd like to find out.  The only (slight) draw back is you can't get characters with the feat, so now hulked out Great Bears, but there are tricks for them too. 

And then there's Vlad himself.  No explanation is needed there.

Turning to news that will make the world, or at least my local meta, a bit happier, I almost finished the Marauder yesterday.  One of the feet came loose from the base so I'll have to pin/glue it back down, which I'd like to do before finishing the base.  There's also the cortex door freehand to do, but other than that the jack is finished.  I put a coat of varnish on it yesterday so I could take it to the FLGS without having to worry about rubbing the paint off; hopefully this doesn't interfere with the bit of painting that still remains.  I'm sticking to the plan of doing pVlad next, but eVlad is shooting up the queue after his strong showing last night.  In related news, Drago is also rocketing up the "to buy" ladder.  Even Uhlans are moving up.  Maybe there's a tournament in the area soon so I can fully indulge my face-smashing urges in the proper environment...


  1. I cannot seem to stop playing eVlad. I have played him in 2 tournaments now and even on 15 points he is just too much fun. He is reliable, can survive assasination by a LOT of things, can kill anything really dead, and here´s the most important thing of all. I like infantry, Khadorans kick ass. But I also need a little push forward. I want them to survive, I want my jacks to get the charge untouched, I want a lot of things that by turn 3 it´s obvious I´m the passive player and trying to survive. eVlad´s feat simply pushes me forward. Get in a good position. Use it at its most before every warrior model is dead. Use it while you still have enough choices on the board to completely surprise the opponent, or at least to make the feat turn one of the less obvious in the whole game. That´s what I love the most about him.

    1. I'm generally an attrition player myself, so getting that little push towards engagement is always appreciated. Since eVlad takes infantry and makes them crazy, using quality Khadoran infantry as the base really cranks them into the stratosphere. Considering that I got eVlad foremost to finally take the fight to eGaspy, finding out that he's a monster against living models (plus a blast to play in general) was a great bonus. I was already drooling over the idea of horselord super-epic Vlad before playing eVlad. Now I'm check the PP site a couple times a day hoping for the preview to appear. Since Nemo3 has been up for a while, I figure dragoon Vlad is due any time now.

    2. Certainly Vlad will become my go-to Khador caster, in all three incarnations, both for love of the fluff as well as playstyle. And initially he was very low on the list of casters I was wanting to try (lucky shot getting a cheap eVlad and the rest is history).