Friday, November 30, 2012

Equal Time

Trees are hungry.  Maybe that's why the DMV kills as many as possible.
Living in the dark heart of the DMV, as I always have, the idea of giving both sides their chance to talk is one that I've grown around like a tree grows around anything that is nearby and isn't a tree.  With the decision between a Conquest and an Archangel still to be made, I figured it was time to give the opposition party (in-game effectiveness) a chance to argue its case.  As with my initial AA test, I didn't put a whole lot of thought into the list.  Because this was my first time with Khador in quite a while I went with an uncomplicated caster (pButcher with obligatory Wardog), put in a couple effective units (WGI Deathstar, Kayazy, Mechanics), then filled with things I like to play (Shock Troopers, Widowmaker Marksman).  I faced off against what seems like a pretty poor match up in the High Reclaimer (lots of LoS clouds to stop Conquest shooting) and a Judicator (more shooting denial) played by one of my most competent locals.

Despite the long odds, the Conquest did a fine job.  It wasn't a game-breaker as it didn't get to shoot a whole lot and ended up in melee with the Judicator, but it wasn't the handicap that the AA is either.  It anchored my line in the way I always wished a jack would, eating the Judicator's charge and doing enough damage in return to allow the surviving pair of Mechanics to finish it off (though it only took one, albeit with Fury).  With some practice and a modicum of thought while building a list I think I'll have a lot of fun with a Conquest.

Sounds like a done deal for the Conquest, right?  Not so fast.  The AA got four test runs over two nights, so I'm going to take the Conquest out for at least another night of gaming before committing to one direction.  Aesthetics can't be dismissed so easily.  The AA is one of the most stunning models I've ever seen and I haven't even seen a final version painted by the PP studio yet.  Conquest has grown on me a bit but it's still not an attractive model.  There's also the lingering fear that something will emerge soon that "turns on" the AA (looking at you, double epic Lylyth), thus allowing me to field the AA (or even two?) without regret while also getting to paint that soon to be fantastic pile of resin and metal.  On the other hand I have a glimmer of hope that a Conquest could rekindle my patriotism for the Motherland.  This year has been dominated by Legion and I wouldn't mind flying the Khadoran flag come January. 

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