Friday, January 3, 2014

Crusade Gains Ground

From last night.  Not exactly frightful, but nice anyway.  
Amidst a flurry of snow there's also been a flurry of hobby progress.  I got a bit handsy with the bases last night and gave them a good ballasting ahead of schedule, which paved the way to get the Zealots assembled today.  I stuck with the smaller pinning option, piano wire, and things went much easier.  I learned some good lessons while doing the unit, to the point that I'm a little concerned about the first couple.  Not that I expect them to come flying off their bases, but they're not as solid as the later ones.  High on the fumes of victory, I plunged ahead by greenstuffing three large bases and (finally, years later) putting together a Vanquisher (full glue, I skipped the magnets this time).  I'll ballast the bases either later tonight or sometime over the weekend.  Pinning the Vanquisher should be far easier than the Zealots because plastic/resin is a thing that's great.

More righteous soldiers.
After kicking my list disputes from last time around on the local email group, and finding out that EV had already parted with pEiryss, I've more or less settled on an idea.  It's the same as last time (pKreoss, Redeemer, Reckoner, Vanquisher, Zealots + UA, min Choir, 2 Vassals, Aiyana & Holt) with the elf vs elf+man debate settled.  Two Vassals is probably overkill, and I might still swap the Vanquisher for a second Reckoner, but there's a coherent shape.  Or at least a vague shape.  The important thing to note is that as things stand I only need to assemble a Reckoner to have the list ready to prime.  Then I can mark some arcs, hit the table, and figure out if I have something viable.  With a modest portion of luck I'll be able to prime on Monday or Tuesday so I can finally put things in my KR case and take them out to conquer on Wednesday.

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