Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Crusade Takes Shape

Still working on that whole "regular update" thing.  The silver lining is that when I get around to posting I have a decent bit of progress to report.  I've made a reasonable dent in the pile, as you can see on the right, and there's even a bit more unshown progress in the form of a cleaned, ready for bases unit of Zealots.  The bases for the Zealots are in progress with the largest hurdle (greenstuff) done and curing at this moment.  I'll do ballast tomorrow and hopefully get the models on the (dry and finished) bases over the weekend.
Turning to the completed construction, the jack support is ready to go with the Choir and a pair of Vassals waiting for primer.  The Choir was more of a pain than anticipated.  The tabs and robes were all one big piece, so clipping and filing took a while.  Pinning was a pain as well, but for the Vassals I tried swapping my standard paper clips for the (relatively) new piano wire with pleasant results.  The drilling went much faster, with less worries about potentially drilling through a leg or ankle.  I didn't try bending the piano wire and greenstuffing it to the base like I do with the paper clips.  We'll see if this causes problems down the road, but the Vassals felt plenty secure even without dry glue.  As a bonus I did a bit of greenstuff on Kreoss' base to blend him in with the rest.

There's a plan behind this recent push beyond just trying to get the metal stuff done so I can move on to the easier to work plastics.  Next Saturday (the 11th) there's a 35 point tournament down at Game Vault that I'd like to hit.  When the announcement made the rounds of the local Warmahordes mailing list a week or two ago I said maybe I'd have some Menites ready for action.  This didn't seem too plausible at the time, but now it's more reasonable.  In addition to the in-progress Zealots I'll need to put together a pair of heavies (ideally two Reckoners if I can get a second, more likely a Reckoner and a Vanquisher) and maybe a pEiryss (if I decide I want her instead of a min Choir and Aiyana & Holt, and if I can't/don't borrow one from EV).  Despite my plans to make my jacks more interesting than usual via conversions and reposing, I think this is a very reasonable goal.  With a bit of planning, to get the bases done, and effort I might even get the army together in time to give it a twirl on Wednesday so I'm not going into a tournament playing a new list, not to mention faction, for the first time.  Nothing will be painted beyond primer which is unfortunate but not a deal breaker.  More importantly it'll be a fully assembled, proxy-free army halfway through January, which would be a fantastic start.  Still plenty to do, but a solid foundation to build on.


  1. Those empty bases are looking pretty good. (^_~)*

    Seriously though, I'm glad to see you branching out in your basing technique (something I need to do more often). I can't wait to see what scheme you pick for them. Keep on keepin' on.

    1. The bases take far longer than they should, both to make and to attach models to. I'll be pretty salty if they turn out mediocre. On the plus side I've learned some good lessons about pinning models to bases.

      Scheme is going to be more or less the same as the studio. Hard to argue with red and white knights.

  2. I concur, they look great! Keep at it, Adam. If nothing else, it's a good experiment and will stretch your skills a bit which I always find refreshing, despite the results.

    1. I've already learned a lot from these new trials. This is a good thing of course, but I wish I could somehow retroactively apply the new knowledge. It's great knowing that shaving a bit of Errant shoulder pad makes the whole thing go together easier. It's not as great being able to apply that knowledge to the last couple Errants when the first couple show the scars of the learning process.

      The plan for the jacks has changed a bit. The first couple are essentially stock, albeit with some dynamic-as-possible posing, but the remaining Reckoner should get some extra love. Then there's the planned Blessing of Vengeance and (new) Fire of Salvation conversions which will be more involved. Hopefully I can apply whatever I learn on the Reckoner to the character jacks.