Tuesday, June 7, 2011

BA hybrid list

Nothing on the painting front for the past few days and little in the way of gaming in general.  I made a hybrid BA list tonight that I can build out of models I have, a new feature in this sort of list.

125 - Librarian w/ JP
  90 - Sanguinary Priest w/ JP & PW
245 - Assault Squad w/ 2 PGs, PF
245 - Assault Squad w/ 2 PGs, PF
260 - Assault Squad w/ 2 PGs, PF, Rhino
260 - Assault Squad w/ 2 PGs, PF, Rhino
  50 - Attack Bike w/ MM
160 - Baal w/ HBs, EA
150 - Predator w/ LC sponsons, EA
145 - Vindicator w/ Siege Shield

The army is two parts, the jumpers and the mech.  The attack bike could split off to join either group, though I'd lean towards the jumpers.  The mech would roll around and shoot with the Rhino squads potentially objective holders.  The jumpers would be combat squadded for maximum shooting with the Librarian in a PG squad and the SP in a PF squad.  I've toyed around with mech lists before but lack all the parts to put on the table, so trying them out is problematic.  I've been wanting to use the Baal and Vindicator for a while.  I'd also like to work in some Death Company.  I could trade one Rhino squad and the attack bike for a Rhino full of DC with 4 PWs, but no chaplain.  I could also trade out the Librarian for a chaplain, but then I lose the Shield on the jumpers, not to mention Blood Lance.  The DC would be a mighty hammer though, which the list lacks otherwise.  Odd that I'd make a list while painting a unit (Devs) and not have that unit in the list, but here it is.  Next time painting progress.  Hopefully.†

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