Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Modest progress is still progress

This is a really bad photo.
While I didn't get a whole lot done yesterday, I did get something done, and we all know that something > nothing.  Devlan Mud washed across the batch in a deluge of shading goodness.  When it had dried I got started on the final coat of Blood Red.  I only managed to get two done before painting time was over, but I hope to get the others done tonight.  Doing the armor takes a while, but when it's done most of the mini is painted.  My current method of a coat of Blood Red over the primer, then a wash, then another coat of Blood Red is time consuming, even if I am happy with the results.  For the next batch I think I'll try a solid coat of Blood Red before the wash, instead of leaving the primer exposed in cracks and crevices.  I'm not sure that leaving the primer showing does much considering the wash that follows, and if I can do a more thorough first coat it should save a lot of time.  We'll see what it looks like at some point.  If I can get the armor done on the rest of the batch tonight then I'd just (just...) have details left, which will hopefully be doable on Thursday, so with any luck I'll hit my goal of finishing something this week.

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