Monday, June 20, 2011

We are experiencing technical difficulties

All I see is blonde, brunette, redhead.
My computer is somewhere between ill and terminal, so posting will be a bit of an issue.  You'll just have to patiently wait for a painting update, disappointing as it is, until I get things back up and functional.  With the prospect of a significant outlay of funds looming, hobby expenditures have been put on hold.  On the plus side, my Trollblood package is supposed to be here tomorrow (though a check of the shipping tracker tells me it might be waiting for me right now) so I'll have something new to work on.  On the minus, time working on models is time not getting my computer fixed.  The arrival is also too early if I want to do something like get nice bases for the new army (perhaps the Broken Wasteland set from Dragon Forge), though I could always let the models sit for a minute while the bases came.  Of course the aforementioned computer issues put a stop to contemplating scenic bases real quick.

In news from a happier time, I got the Trollblood book and read it over the weekend.  Plenty of nifty stuff in there that I'm sure I'll get into later, but in short I like the fluff and the crunchy bits are intriguing as well.  It seems like Trollbloods can crank melee stats through the roof compared to Khador, but perhaps that's more of a Hordes vs. Warmachine thing.  Speaking of the boys in red, over at Lost Hemisphere they have this picture from Lock & Load that looks suspiciously like plastic Bombardiers.  While it is compelling evidence of the existence of both plastic Men-O-War in general, and Bombardiers in particular, I remain skeptical until I have them in hand.  I've also been poking around the PP Khador forums a bit and have seen lots of interesting news coming out of Wrath, though I'll have to wait to find out myself as the FLGS found their distributor on backorder before the thing even came out.  Considering the amount of time I'll likely be investing in getting my computer back up and working again, a little delay might be a good thing.


  1. Sorry to hear your computer's on the fritz.

    As I mentioned on my blog, I'm going to have a couple of totally free days coming up here (well, Friday night is booked), and I'd love to get a game or two in. Also, my class schedule will be switching to nights, so I'll be free most mornings coming up soon. Just let me know when your Blood Angels need another good stomping, or when you want to thrash me with your Khador army again!

    Hope your computer issues are cleared up soon...

  2. I have a sack of parts waiting to be assembled, though they'll be waiting a little longer as I've decided to replace another part that I wasn't intending. I'm sure I'll post something about it, but I'm basically building a new system from scratch. Exciting, if expensive. I hope to be up and running at home later tonight.

    For gaming my schedule remains unchanged for the most part. I'm working on Thursday night this week, but other than that it's still Monday/Friday nights with a floating weekend day. Let me know when is good for you and we'll hammer something out.