Friday, June 10, 2011

Not that kind of progress

One of the few non-PP Trollblood pics.
Irony struck in the DMV the past few days.  I got lots of painting done, probably as much as I have in my entire time hobbying.  Unfortunately that painting was with a roller as I helped a friend paint a room.  So still no hobby progress, even though painting happened.  In slightly happier news, I put in the Trollblood order just now.  I'm thinking about hitting the FLGS before work today and picking up the Trollblood book to have something to read while I wait for the box.  I've been eying the Trollbloods for quite a while, more or less since I picked up Warmachine in the first place.  The beasts are what does it for me, at least some of them.  I'm not such a fan of the elemental trolls, but the "regular" troll beasts are very nice.  The Bouncer and the Mauler are at the top of the list, along with the Earthborn.  Of course I plan to take my time and paint these big beasties up nice before expanding any, so there's plenty of time to examine books and whatnot.  First and foremost will be picking a color scheme.  Green and blue would be my first choices, but green is a bit traditional and the studio scheme is blue.  Yellow is a possibility, but I don't know that I want to paint that much yellow.  At this stage the tartans aren't that intimidating, though I'm sure that will change as I get into them.  Learning Hordes should be interesting as I know the basic idea of the rules, but Fury is a lot different than Focus and it'll be good to know in what ways they differ.  One day actual hobby progress will occur, and on that day I'll have a camera handy.  Perhaps that day will be next time...

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