Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Between a rock and a hard place. And a chunk of ice.

It begins.
Quick post here, for reasons that will soon manifest.  First the hobby side.  You've no doubt already noticed the dynamic duo to the left.  I've been meaning to get to painting for a week or so.  Today I finally decided to stop meaning and get to doing, so I roughed in the colors on Harkevich and Strakhov.  As usual I'm not entirely sold on the scheme, and also as usual I'll probably run with it anyway.  Somehow I had to push to get going on Harkevich, but Strakhov promises to be smoother sailing.  This is the rock.

On the gaming side, though not the kind you're thinking of, I had a novel experience today.  NGF called me up to ask if I'd gotten Space Marine yet so we could try and arrange some play time as he'd just picked a copy up himself.  While I knew that the game released sometime soon, I didn't know it was today, hence the novel experience of being informed of a gaming development by the so-called Non-Gaming Friend.  I all but had to hang up on him to get to work on time when he called again to pick my brain about 40k fluff.  The long, slow con may finally be bearing fruit.  Now I'm hurrying to do this post so I can get to chainswording people in the face.  This is the hard place.

Unrelated to gaming, I've been reading Dan Simmons' The Terror over the past week or so.  It's really good, so good that it's been the main impediment to painting.  I still have about 25% to go, but if the rest holds up to the standard set thus far, and I have no reason to think that it won't, The Terror may give perennial favorite Guy Gavreil Kay's Under Heaven a run for Best Book I've Read This Year.  Considering how highly I regard Kay as an author this is quite a feat.  This is the chunk of ice.

There's my dilemma, three things I want to do at once.  For now it's off to the grimdark future where there's war, war, and more war.  Tomorrow though, who knows?

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