Thursday, September 8, 2011

For the interim

My namesake, now skating the big rink in the sky.
A battle report is under construction, so in the meantime you get a little bullet-pointer.
  • First off, safe home Pavol Demitra.  The former NHLer died yesterday in Russia when the plane he was on crashed.  Also on the plane were most of the KHL team Lokomotiv, some 40+ people all told.  A sad day for hockey.  I saw Demitra play a handful of times when he visited MCI/Verizon Center.  He was, for me, an unremarkable player except for one thing.  After the first few names I tried were occupied, I cast my mind about for FFXI-suitable names and I thought Demitra sounded nice enough.  Close to ten years later I'm still using it.
  • Space Marine is a good time.  I have two current complaints.  First is the multiplayer queue, which feels about 10-20 minutes.  Granted once you're in a room you're good to go, but finding that room takes entirely too long.  If you're trying to play with a friend it's longer still.  Second is the customizer.  It's generally quite good, except for two little things,  There are no quartered color templates available, so I can't do something like Novamarines or Howling Griffons.  Second is that I can't set all the helmets to a different color for the Blood Angels.  I've gone with a yellow helmet as I'm having a blast with the jump pack and chainsword, but if I swap to a tactical or devastator package the helmet will stay yellow.  I'd also like to be able to do a pre-Heresy World Eaters scheme, but I don't think you can mix Chaos emblems and Imperial gear.  The game reminds me of Gears of War, which is good, except that it doesn't have a cover system.  My Gears instincts were well-honed at one point and I still try to take cover by instinct, which leads to some awkward situations.  I'm getting the hang of it though and having a good time.
  • Just read an unboxing article for the Warmachine starter.  Looks like my plan to use that Destroyer chassis as Black Ivan will work out.  I was worried they might have been special models, like the Black Reach models, but it looks like they're the same pieces as the jack kits are.  Which means that it might make sense to get two of the starters and have as many heavy chassis as I'll ever need for Khador and Menoth both...

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