Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another one(two) bites the dust

More finished warcasters.
Finished up Harkevich and Strakhov this afternoon, a full day ahead of the Paint the Target deadline.  Granted I still have to do arc markings and figure out snow basing, but that will have to wait until the humidity drops below 75% here in the DMV.  While I love warcasters because the models are typically more detailed and dynamic than regular footsloggers, the unfortunate truth is that I'll only ever sit one (possibly two in the future) on the table at a time.  Thus while I've been making (some) progress in painting recently, it won't show up on the table as the painted models (assuming I ever get them varnished and buttoned up) will be sitting in my case. 

This has extra bearing in the immediate future as my first thought on "What do I paint next" was "Finish that Sorscha I started way back when."  (As a brief aside, I sure have come a long way in miniature photography.  Those pics, admittedly my first attempts, make my brain sad now.)  I'm sure I've talked about this before, but a little more never hurts, right?  When I first started up with Warmachine I intended to stick with pSorscha until I got her figured out, not to mention fully painted.  Fast forward to now and pSorscha is one of my least played casters, one of the last ones I reach for when making a new list, and no more painted than she was when I made that above post.  While I'd like to rectify that situation, on the painting front if not the playing front, by doing so I'd also be adding yet another caster to the pile of painted models while those units, jacks, and solos continue to look at me with resigned (and unpainted) eyes.

To remedy this situation, I'm contemplating drastic action.  Pending the announcement of this month's (Paint the) Target, I may pull the Doom Reavers from active duty to get them painted up.  While they didn't blow my skirt up at first, I find them more indispensable with each passing game.  They're just so good at cutting things up in tiny pieces, not to mention resilient(ish) with the UA.  Then there's the spray the UA brings along.  I almost love the Doomies enough to consider running an eButcher tier army.  Almost.  This all said, it pains me to consider taking them out of the lineup to get them painted.  On the plus side I'd have a great incentive to get them finished quickly, plus I'd be able to field another painted unit on the table instead of tucking yet another caster away in foam.  Maybe I can even get them done before the deluge arrives. 

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