Sunday, September 4, 2011

What's that on the horizon?

Coming soon to a table near you.
Over on the PP site I found another reason for optimism: Bombardiers advertised right on the front page, marching in at the end of the month.  And they're just the first wave of the plastic Men-O-War.  Technically they're releasing the same day as the two player box, and therefore the Shocktroopers, but the Bombardiers have no models currently so the upcoming release will be their first.  Plus they'll all be in plastic, which is the crucial bit.  When I got started in Warmachine my first thought was running a MoW heavy army.  The reality of pewter models soon came home though.  The price tag was an impediment ($84 for a full unit), but not insurmountable.  The real deal breaker was their multi-part nature.  I'd never done much pinning before restarting in wargaming a year and a half ago no, and what I had done was mostly in plastic.  Getting an idea of what pinning involves by doing hand swaps or reinforcing plastic arms and bodies supporting metal plasma cannons is one thing, but Warmachine has a higher modelling barrier to entry than any other game I've played.  The sheer number of pins required for a single Man-O-War would have done me in, let alone a whole squad of them.  As a result, I shelved the idea of the MoW force and expanded along squishier avenues.  It's a bit ironic that once I get comfortable enough with pinning to give the MoWs a shot they come out in plastic, but I'm not complaining.  The only complaint I'll have about them is that with two boxes coming out on the same day, and one of them a very large box, September is going to be an expensive Warmachine month for me.

This month's Paint the is a "newish" model.  I'd been going between Harkevich and Strakhov, but with a 12 month window of release to pick from Strakhov is just a bit too old.  As such I'll lean towards Harkevich, who stills needs to be based and primed, but I should be able to paint Strakhov at the same time and finish the pair together.  Plus Stakhov is already primed and on the painting table, so judging by my pace getting Harkevich primed I'll probably get some good progress in on Strakhov before Harkevich is even ready to go.  I've also been thinking about doing an Empire guy or two, maybe a nice swordsman or Reiksguard.

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  1. Did I read that right? Warhammer Fantasy? I'll believe it when I see it. (^_^)

    It'll be interesting fighting against a wall of Man-O'-War. My Caustic Mist / Bile Thrall shenanigans won't work out quite as well against models with damage boxes. Looks like the Bane Thralls will have to man up and do the heavy lifting pretty much on their own.

    Let me tell you, I don't blame you for not wanting to mess around with the multi-part metal Man-O'-War. They were freakin' nightmares to assemble! Good luck getting your newest project done.