Monday, April 16, 2012

eLylyth WIP # 1

The model isn't half this dark.
The painting table got a new resident today in eLylyth.  I've been having some issues adapting my Legion scheme from beasts to infantry.  The beasts have an easy logic to them: blue/white skin, orange chitin, creamy undercarriage, purple transitions.  Infantry can follow the same sort of approach: skin is skin, chitin is just a beast's armor, cloth is like the undercarriage, and infantry always has little spots of detail begging for a different color (purple).  The problem lies in materials that beasts don't have: leather, wood, metal.  Mostly the problem is leather.  My initial thought was to make it purple and keep my palette small, but the vast swathes would (I think) take away the impact gained from keeping the bits of bright purple tiny.  While pondering these problems and looking at eLylyth's model, I had a bit of an epiphany and a scheme for her clicked into place.  Leather bits will be brown, and for now the bow will be wooden and therefore brown as well (though I'm considering making it creamy/bony).  I didn't do much work with the model, just basecoating and the usual Devlan Mud wash, but I have a direction in mind now.  With any luck it'll spark a similar breakthrough with the Shepherds and Swordsmen that have been mocking me for a month or two now.

Gaming could be interesting this week.  The Caps play at home tonight and Thursday, on the road in the middle of the day Saturday, then potentially home again on Sunday at a yet-to-be-determined time.  With Olgunholt starting this week, and the NFL-style league (that needs a better name) also rolling, scheduling is a bit challenging at the moment.  Hopefully I can get in my Olgunholt games for this week as well as the NFL league, but odds are long on that at the moment.

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