Friday, April 27, 2012

The Most Dangerous Prey

I've been on a combined losing/apathy streak lately, as witnessed by the browser window that's been open (unloved) for hours that I'm just now typing in.  The course of action I decided on earlier today is to get back to basics: play conservatively, increase blog frequency, paint more.  The former is a work in progress (that has yet to begin, but I haven't played any Warmahordes today) that may get a post at some point (don't hold your breath), the latter got going today, and the we're both in the middle now. 

Sorry (again) for fuzzy pictures.
 Instead of banging my head against the Legion infantry scheme wall once again, this morning I resolved to at least make a good dent in something Khadoran.  I wanted to go chronological and finish something that's been waiting for the brush for too long, but the main options there (MoW Kovnik, pSorscha) weren't getting the juices flowing.  Instead I went with my dominant instinct: Manhunter.  Since I'd already painted a Manhuntress the scheme wouldn't require any consideration.  I often think of painting minis at doing a 3d paint-by-numbers, and in this case it was truer than usual.  This time around I took a different approach, one that I always mean to use but never do.  Base coats were followed by washes, then a reapplication of base colors on lighted surfaces, then a highlight or two.  The results were more or less what I hoped for, that being a decent model that will look good on the table and didn't take too long to finish.  Time investment was about 3.5 hours including 30-45 minutes of drying time for the wash and the base.  Taking a model from start to finish in a single session is still a novelty, but I don't see why it can't become the standard with some (more) practice.

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