Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Widowmakers finished, Khadorgasm

First things first, legendary/double epic/Vlad3 hit the PP front page today.  There was much rejoicing.  Also appearing is Conquest, which gets a hearty "meh" from this quarter.  I'm willing to be convinced, but right now I don't care for the colossals.  In Legion news the Succubus hit in the last hour or so, which makes all my warlocks happy.

Ready to plink away.  After varnish of course.
With that out of the way, I finished up the Widowmakers today.  Most of the work was done yesterday, but by the end of the session I was far out of the painting zone.  Details were passed over, there was too much "good enough," and the final straw: I knocked over a pot of wash.  This is the second time in my illustrious career that I've knocked over a container of paint and the first time in my adult life.  Despite having just the bases to paint, I called it a night to prevent further disaster.  When I came back to them today I saw a couple spots that needed a touch-up, knocked out the bases, and was done before I'd really gotten started.  It was an unfortunate end, but probably for the best.  With this batch finished I'm at 54% painted, which is pretty awesome.  Iron Dwarves aside (remember those?), this is probably the highest percentage of actually finished models I've ever had for any army.  I'm going to enjoy my ride on the downhill slope for as long as I can, because there's a package coming that's probably going to dump me back below 50%, but until Thursday I'll be basking in the glow.  I have some closer shots that I'll stick below but resist the urge to ramble on about.  With the Olgunholt league starting up next week, I'll probably be back to painting Legion for the next month or so.  Perhaps I can squeeze the Great Bears in between games since there's only three of them, but there's little chance I'll be able to finish the Kayazy in the couple days between games and even less chance I'll want to keep them off the gaming table for long enough to paint those ugly, ugly models.  Maybe I'll even paint up some Blood Angels or Orks or something else out of left field...

Love that I just noticed the ballast I missed...

I was so happy with the cobblestones when I made them.  Now I'll cover them with snow.

Thought I might have to proxy this guy on Thursday.

The scopes/lenses/goggles turned out pretty nice.

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