Monday, April 30, 2012

Orin Midwinter, Olgunholt Week 2

Ready to persecute your spell casters.
This is a quick one before hockey starts up.  Keeping up the mojo from the Manhunter, I painted up Orin Midwinter today.  Keeping a limited palette meant he was quick to finish, while still keeping an acceptable quality.  I think I may be getting the hang of painting at a decent speed with decent results.  Orin was another 3ish hours with a couple of breaks for drying and the like.  Over the weekend I diagnosed part of my recent struggles to playing with unprimed, and in some cases not fully assembled, models, so I based up a batch of silver troops last night and primed them this morning.  Orin got the nod towards the table mostly because I wanted to paint his robe.  I'm not sure his arc markings are accurate, despite using the same template I always use, and I had no idea what the thing on his chest is supposed to be so I just fudged it with some red and bronze.  The white/cream/bone/whatever parts were a bit of a test run for the upcoming Menites, mostly via a Bleached Bone base and a Gryphonne Sepia wash.  The results were encouraging, though not quite as white as hoped for.  Perhaps next time I'll use a white base instead of bone.

Olgunholt this week was ugly.  Ugly ugly ugly.  I went 0-3.  The highlights included Killboxing myself, getting Beast 09 thrown on top of eSorscha, and moving my War Dog off an objective via Counter-Charge/Return to give my opponent an uncontested scenario win.  Not my proudest moments.  Unsurprisingly there are no pictures.  This week I plan to put up a fight, play for scenario instead of caster kill, and (most importantly) not Killbox myself.

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