Sunday, April 8, 2012

Widowmakers WIP # 3

Less visible primer means success is close.
I'm starting to feel bad about all these smallish painting updates, but it's my blog and I'll spam all over it if I want to.  What I should probably feel bad about is the inevitable rambling at the end of the posts, but more on that later.  I got in some unexpected painting today, which let me finish off the greens and base coat the reds.  I took a couple stabs at blending the coats, but the results were less than expected.  The paint was probably too thick on reflection.  I'll keep tinkering with the technique and see if I can't find some path forward with it.  For tomorrow I hope to get the reds done, which shouldn't be hard, and also the browns, which will be more taxing.  Despite using two different shades of brown the various areas have all started to blend together, helped along by the liberal dosing of Devlan Mud they all got.  With all the abutting leathers I'll have plenty of opportunity to reclaim the various shades I intended.  After the leather this batch will be down to metals and details.  I also need to decide what I'm going to do with the armored bills on the back two grunt's hoods.

Sadly Marksmen are FA:1, so no leader-as-solo.
Following the inside-out method I should do the leathers first, but I'm working "backwards" because of the leader's bandolier.  Her breastplate is buried pretty deep, and I like doing red, so a slight adjustment in approach can be marginally justified.  I had intended to do her bracers as leather, but after flipping through the forces book I see the studio did them as bronze, an idea which has since grown on me.  I can leave them as-is until I get to the metals and decide then.  Her scabbard is giving me similar issues as normally I'd paint it black, but as noted last time I'm not too happy with my current approach to black and mixing techniques on the same model can't be good.  I'm also concerned that my palette is getting too diverse on this batch, so I'll give it some thought while I finish the rest of the model.  At least the sword is the top-most layer, so I won't have to worry about getting to it past other, finished areas.

For a final bit of sprawling ramble, the first round playoff schedule is out and is perhaps the least convenient arrangement possible.  There are games the next two Thursdays and Saturdays, which throws a wrench in my usual gaming pattern.  Considering the Olgunholdt league starts about a week from now missing that second Thursday is extra unfortunate.  In a final bit of conspiring against me, the game this coming Saturday is at 3 pm, which puts it right in the middle of the tournament I've been pondering.  Of course I can record the game and watch it when I get back from the tournament, but considering I'll be doing that for this Thursday's game I'm reluctant to time-shift the second game as well.  The Caps play better when I watch them live and all.  Ultimately I want to get some tournament action in, so I'll likely suck it up and watch on a delay, but it's still an unfortunate collection of circumstances.  Now to settle on a pair of lists, figure out Paypal, and beat the drum locally to try and sucker entice some other GP regulars north to the hellish wasteland known as Maryland.

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