Friday, August 10, 2012

Journeyman Painting Log # 18

Still dark despite my best efforts. 
After a longer than anticipated delay I returned to the painting table today.  The current crop of victims has been on the sidebar for a while but hadn't suffered from my attention until now.  My initial plan was to focus on the Blackfrost Shard and apply any paint left in the well on the other models.  While assembling them, I decided to make the BFS a little more colorful than the rest of the army.  This was spurred on in part by the vast swathes of multilayered cloth requiring some sort of color variety to keep them separate visually, but also because they're a character unit and merit a little extra kick.  The plan is as follows: cream cloaks with orange trim, purple interior clothes with possible orange trim, the rest of the model as usual.  Of particular note here is the catastrophe in the center.  I dropped the leader while painting which busted his hand off.  This unfortunate occurrence had extra punch as I was thinking this morning about all the glue + greenstuff I'd used on the latest batch of assemblies, how poorly that worked out with pIrusk (who lost his glue+gs-attached sword hand while coming out of the bag one day), and how bad I felt about not pinning said latest batch in my zeal to get them assembled.  I hoped it wouldn't bite me in the ass, but it did all the same, and now the leader's hand is just jammed in the bluetac while the rest of him gets painted.  I think I'll finish the body, varnish it up, reattach the hand (this time via pinning), paint the hand, then varnish again add snow and all that jazz.

I'll be glad to have this guy back in the bag.
Somewhere along the way I swapped painting targets from the BFS to the Bolt Thrower.  I wasn't making great time with the BFS and thought I'd have more luck with the Nephilim, but in the end I didn't get either one done.  I'm optimistic (as optimistic as I get about these things) that I'll finish the Bolt Thrower off easily in my next round of painting as he doesn't have a whole lot of colors to muck around with.  There's lots of metal, which is finished, and lots of skin, which is my favorite bit on the beasts and typically goes fast.  Outside of that I'll have to finish up the leather/wood, do the few bits of orange/brown, and finish the underplates which number approximately 10 tiny bits.

Annyssa is a little blue, not enough progress to warrant a picture.  She's a distant third in terms of painting priority.  What I really should be working on is the second Angelius and set of Ravagore bits so I can finally call my (current, tentative) Hardcore list done, but I want to try to sculpt a little rock or tree stump on the Angel's base to cover an exposed pin and still need to add magnets to the Ravagore parts.  Then I need a window for priming, time to paint, and another window for varnishing.  Ideally I'd get all this finished by next Saturday, which is the Softcore Nova Open warm-up tournament at Game Parlor, but that's far too optimistic for me.  More doable is getting one of the two painted and finishing off the other before the Nova Open, when all models absolutely must be painted.  We'll see how that turns out.

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