Sunday, August 26, 2012

Journeyman Painting Log # 26

Head scratching monkey is also confused.
Before getting on with the meat of the post a little diversion.  I took a look at where I get traffic from today and found something quite surprising.  I got a handful of hits from the UK's "#1 Adult Social Network," which in turn looks to have been bounced from what sure looks like a site that streams shaky cam versions of current movie releases.  Pure happenstance, or is my little corner of the internet getting a bit bigger?  If the latter, is this really the sort of traffic I want?

Another unit bites the (unpainted) dust.
Now for what you've all been waiting for.  Plans for the day collapsed like things which collapse.  Instead of making lemonade I decided to finish off the Striders.  They painted quick like everything else has lately.  While tooling around the internet I realized this is my first ranged unit for Legion.  With a move away from double Ravagores under way I'm hopeful that the Striders will plug that gap in shooting, and maybe do a better job of it as well.  I'm not sure it's possible to catch six models with a Ravagore shot, unless the opponent has packed them in as tightly as possible (think Deep Strike).  Striders are better shots (RAT 6), but can't boost, though they can CRA.  They'll be of less help against casters and other hard targets, but they should do a good job of mowing down infantry.  At least that's how I hope it works out.

For better or worse, the close-up.
With the Striders finished, their UA gets moved up a notch on the priority scale.  I still need to build all the stuff on the right, but with the unit painted I'll want to have the UA painted as well.  I don't plan on running them in Hardcore, though you never know (Striders + UA is the same points as full Legionnaires + Pot...), but I'd feel a little silly having one painted and not the other.  The same goes for the Ravagore and Scythean bits.  Painted torsos with primed arms and heads may be tournament legal (outside of Hardcore), but they're quite an eyesore.

In summary, with the Striders done I almost feel like I have some breathing room.  Of course I'll fill that room with more painting...

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