Friday, August 24, 2012

Journeyman Painting Log # 24

You can never have enough Shredders. 
Today was my most productive day of painting probably ever, but certainly since I made my triumphant return to wargaming.  While finishing the Angelius yesterday I got a start on a trio of Shredders.  That's really a bit generous since my "start" consisted of a single layer of my flesh base, which was already present on the models when I got them from EV.  My plan for today was to finish off the Shredders and get a similar start on the remaining Swordsmen, though I hoped to proceed further with the Swordsmen than the Shredders.  I was confident that I'd finish off the Shredders since they're so small and relatively simple sculpts, but the Swordsmen were less certain.

You can also never have enough weapon masters.
Turns out I didn't need to worry.  While the initial two Swordsmen were amongst the league leaders for time spent on the painting table, and the first batch of six brought their own issues as I worked out my infantry scheme, the rest of the unit went by relatively quickly.  Granted I spent most of the day painting, but finishing off six models (nine really when you add the Shredders) is still a haul of Biblical proportions for me.  As with most of my recent work this latest batch will not feature in my highlight reel, but they're done and they don't look half bad.  I imagine I could put one of the Swordsmen up next to one of my previous "masterpieces" and find that the Swordsmen look every bit as good, if not better. 

So how will I follow up this painting triumph?  Maybe a nice day on the couch?  More of the same most likely.  I'll try to repeat my success by getting the Striders done tomorrow, though I'll regret (still) not having assembled the Strider UA as I work on the unit.

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