Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Journeyman Painting Log # 21

Nearing the finish line. 
This is an odd post to write.  The pictures are from yesterday and I'm writing just before I sit down to paint today so the content won't be current (for me) for too long.  Your experience will be unaffected though.  The Blackfrost Shard nears completion, which is good since I still have plenty to paint for the Nova Open and not much time left to get it done.  I finished off the skin and creamy bits, plus sort of finished the orange bits.  All that remains now is detail: hair, rivets, glowing runes, leaves, scabbards, little metal bits, anything else I find.  Really not much...

Can you see all the red wash on the sash?  I can't.
The glowing runes are the reason why the orange is only sort of finished.  The cloaks have a border with runes that I knew I wanted to do in orange, but wasn't sure how it would work out.  I went with an orange background, highlighting and shading as usual, trusting that I would figure out the rest at some point.  After discarding a few ideas I've settled on an approach: a bright, electric blue as a base and highlighted up to white.  Hopefully this will both pop off the orange backing and have a bit of mystical glow.

Earlier today I finally had a chance to break out the spray cans.  Annyssa is all varnished up and ready for action.  Also primed were the Swordsmen, with UA, that I finally assembled on Sunday.  Considering they were in my initial Legion expansion order it's well past time for them to put their arms to use.  They're not quite next in the painting queue though.  That honor goes to my second Angelius, which is as close to a lock for Hardcore as it gets.  After that it's a tossup between the Swordsmen, Ravagore bits, or the Shredders I keep meaning to paint but haven't gotten around to yet even though I'm probably going to need more than two.  For now it's off to the table.  The BFS needs to get finished today and I'd like to at least lay down basecoats on the Angel.

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