Friday, June 18, 2010

A brief ray of sunshine

Class is done, at least for the moment.  I have about 3 weeks now of glorious almost-freedom, where all I have to do is work.  No reading for school, no going to class, no writing papers.  I already have a bunch planned for my free time.  The Iron Dwarves are first on the docket.  I hope to finish the Krakens over the weekend and the airship before the next game.  Then I'm going to roll into Khador.  I'm going to finish the already started models first: pSorscha, Manhuntress, 'jacks, WGI.  After that I'm not sure.  I'll continue on with Khador until the beginning of July, when it'll be time for the next US expansion.  If we go to 900 points, that'll mean a flagship and a pair of destroyers (which I'll probably have to proxy until I can lay hands on the models).  If we do 800, then I'll figure something out.  Putting a 160 point model into a 150 point hole is never easy, but I'll just push until it goes in.  When those are painted, back to Khador until my next class starts up.

Of course, painting is not the only thing on the schedule.  I want to finally finish the latest Wheel of Time book, plus Hemingway's The Snows of Kilimanjaro, and a book on the Maya I read most of for a class last semester.  Not to mention all the other books on the ever-growing pile of books to be read.  Then there's the entire season of Breaking Bad to get off the DVR, plus the Chuck season finale, the summer season of Wipeout, F1 races, and Nats games.  I want to make some US terrain too, and take a stab at working up a spreadsheet for making ID lists.  And then there's WoW and everything that goes with that.

All of this in 3 weeks.  Something is gonna have to give.  I wonder what it'll be.  In the meantime, I'm off to get some reading in.

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