Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pre-F1 update

Been a quiet couple hobby days.  Played Monsterpocalypse and (the non-Xbox Live version of) Settlers of Catan for the first time on Friday.  Also got the next wave of reinforcements, or at least proxies for them.  It's a couple days early, but I was at the FLGS.  Finally got a set of Warmachine templates so I can stop relying on my opponent having them.  Went out today to take a look at hardboard and pink foam insulation to get an idea of what I'd be spending and what I'd be getting if I go in for making some islands.  Lowe's had ginormous sheets of hardboard, but I couldn't find the pink foam.  I'll try Home Depot on Monday and compare.  Looks like costs will be reasonable(ish) and I'll be able to scratch the terrain itch.  In worse news, a week and half is all I have before my next class starts.  Haven't made any progress on the Khador, but I've gotten a bit of reading in.  The new ships will get painted soon enough, then we'll see about WM or terrain.

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  1. Etna's VassalJune 27, 2010 at 5:08 PM

    Well, I replaced those messed up (last edition) Warmachine cards, so next time we drag out the ol' warjacks you'll probably be facing off against Epic Stryker. He plays a bit closer to my style (hit things with a sword until they stop living) and if I can dismantle your Winterguard Support Network (in particular that officer, but Joe needs to die as well) I'll show you how glorious Stryker's Rolling Thunder feat can be. Plus, he's my favorite assassin 'caster.

    Hopefully my Rippers will arrive by next week, but knowing how our FLGS' distributor can be, it may be another week or more...

    Enjoy the race, and I hope (insert favorite driver here) does well.