Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You've got to be kidding

One day I'll do a post about my gaming history, but suffice for now to say that I was a Games Workshop kid for many years.  Over time their pricing scam scheme left me disillusioned with the company.  While I still love 40k, at least the fluff and the minis, Warhammer Fantasy has never really been my cup of tea.  Fast-forward to today, where GW is doing advance orders for the new edition of WFB.  They've gone back to a stand-alone book model, instead of the big box with rules and minis that reigned for a couple editions.  I'm glad, in the schadenfreude sense, to see that the most basic form of the book will run you a cool $75.  We won't even talk about the Collector's Edition or Gamer's Edition.  Granted it looks like a well produced book and it does have a ribbon (I'm a sucker for books with ribbons), but $75?  As the entry into your system?  Before you even get into the minis, which the teaser page promises as "thousands of troops arrayed for war?"  Someone over in GW headquarters is crazy.  I used to steer clear of the smaller companies, but now I find myself heading towards the little guy to avoid this sort of profiteering madness.  One day GW is going to squeeze the ass of their golden goose one time too many.  I can only hope I'm there to see it happen.

update:  Today's "What's New" blog on the GW site provided still more laughs.  First is the description of the Collector's Edition: "It looks and feels like a family air loom."  I guess Americans don't have a monopoly on butchering the language.  Second is the so-called clasp that holds the book together.  I thought it was quite a nice touch, along with the triple ribbon, so you can imagine my dismay when the truth is revealed. Turns out it's not a clasp, or even attached to the covers of the book.  It's just a C-shaped piece of metal that sits on the edges of the book.  I had been impressed by the attention to detail, and to be fair the general quality of, the new books and templates, but now I'm starting to wonder.  $125 for the Collector's is ludicrous, but this new revelation makes it even more so.  Now I wonder if the rest of the releases are of the same quality.  Disillusionment, you are my neighbor.

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  1. Google for 'air loom' and you might be surprised. I think there might be a real person trapped in there somewhere trying to sneak a message out.