Monday, June 7, 2010

Brief update

Took some time to do a little painting in between school work. I started on the Kraken bluff tokens out of necessity. I need some way to distinguish between the tokens, so I figured I may as well do them first. The water is done here, at least the non-foamy parts. The foam will get a grey base and a lighter grey highlight, and maybe a pure white highlight if I'm feeling saucy. As it is the water is more detailed than most of my work, with a base, highlight, wash, then a final highlight. Not that you can really tell that those extra steps are in there, but I know.

I'm still considering about the subs themselves. On the one hand, I want to paint them red so they keep with the theme of the fleet. On the other hand, black makes a lot of sense and having squadron markings on a ship that is underwater most of the time doesn't make much sense. Something to ponder. I'm also thinking about painting the balloon part of the airship with alternating white and black sections, with a red compartment underneath. I'm not sure how the checkerboard would look and I worry that it'd be garish, but I do like the idea.

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