Thursday, June 17, 2010

He's not heavy, he's my cruiser

The humidity broke overnight, down now to a manageable 65% from 90% last night.  It was the kind of gross night where every surface is wet even though it hasn't rained.  Thankfully that's done now and it looks like the humidity will burn off as the day progresses. Implementing my plan to get my heavies varnished, at least partially, before heading out for today's showdown, I got up early-ish to put on the first coat.  I had left the ships outside to dry, in the sun for extra drying speed.  When I went out to shift them a bit so they didn't stick to the box, I rethought my positioning, reasoning that leaving resin models in direct sunlight might not be the best idea ever.  So I brought them inside, stuck them in the bathroom, and turned the fan on.  They'll dry some more while I go get breakfast, then I'll flip them and hit the bottoms.  Hopefully the tops are dry enough by then that they won't stick to the box when I flip them.  In the meantime, I took a super high quality shot while they were in the bathroom.  Pic after the break.

I'm still worried that the extra white bits will make them stick out too much amongst the other ships, but I'll find out soon enough.  The extra-red rams don't pop as much as I'd hoped they would.  I'm putting that down to their small size and not any lack of painting acumen that I may or may not have.

In biting off more than I can chew news, I saw a Hordes painting challenge go up over at Tabletop Gaming News.  As mentioned before, I'm a sucker for these sorts of things.  My initial idea for what became the slow-growth US experiment was to do much the same thing with Hordes.  I also have this idea banging around in the back of my head that if I can get enough Khador stuff painted by the time Hordes mk 2 drops that I'll get myself some trollbloods.  This challenge is wrong in so many ways: it's before Primal mk 2 releases, it starts when I'll be in my second summer class, it'll overlap what I have in mind for the US experiment, and it goes on well into both the fall semester and hockey season.  Any one of these reasons should be enough to discount the idea from my mind.  Yet it sits there, taunting me, and will no doubt fester in the coming weeks.  My resolve has been tested many times already with the Dwarves, now we'll see how it holds up against some Trollbloods.

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