Friday, November 11, 2011

It was in my backyard the whole time

I'm throwing a list at the top of this post.  Why?  I do what I want, that's why. 

Things I Wanted to Find at the FLGS
  • Sizable group of opponents playing a variety of factions
  • Tournaments / Leagues
  • People approximately as normal as I am (low bar here)
  • Yuri and/or a Manhunter
I got three of four, and the missing one I can order from any model merchant.  Turns out that there was, in fact, a good-sized community hiding in (more or less) plain sight, right under my nose.  While there's a Foodmachine event on Saturday that I can't make, there's another tournament in December that should mesh well with my schedule.  I'm one very pleased gamer just now.

As if that weren't enough, I got (another) game in tonight as well.  Played against Menoth for the first time.  While I didn't want to bring out the full-on douchehammer for my entry to a new group, when I saw my opponent bringing out the Avatar I didn't feel too bad about fielding the WGI Deathstar.  I ran an infantry-heavy pIrusk list (is there any other kind of Irusk list?), notably including Torch and the Great Bears.  These last two first saw the table this morning against EV (details to come later) and did little more than catch bullets.  Tonight Torch ate a light and almost finished off a heavy as well, while the Great Bears completed the most glorious charge I've had the pleasure of executing.  With Battle Lust, under pIrusk's feat, they combo charged the (untouched) Avatar and eFeora, who was dallying about the front lines in a most careless manner.  One and a half Great Bears later, the Avatar was a smouldering wreck.  Facing the rest of the Bears' attacks, Feora picked discretion over valor.  Can't say I disagree.  The oddest part of the whole game?  I was playing against my boss's grandson.  Small, small world.

Now to bed so my subconscious can work on tournament lists. 

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