Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A slightly tardy post

Haste makes poor pictures.
Painting was yesterday, but pictures had to wait until today.  Despite it taking about three times as long as it should have, I got the reds done yesterday.  The problem is I keep painting the same spots over and over.  I start with Heavy Red, then a wash, the Red Gore, then Blood Red, all of it over the same area.  This isn't by design, I just keep doing it despite my intentions.  The results are good enough, so I guess in the end it works out, it just takes far too long.  At least I'm getting the hang of highlighting red without making it too orange.  I also got a base on the browns, which means that every bit of the model is now the color it will end up being, albeit after much washing, shading, and highlighting.  I had thought this batch would be finished the next session, but that was before I spent the whole time doing red.  Hopefully they'll still be finished the next time I sit down to paint, though getting all the basing done might be a stretch.

Do Khadoran bears poop snow in the woods?
The new approach to snow looks promising, but I'll be tweaking it next time.  I put in way too much snow and ended up with a thick paste, so next time it's more glue and less snow.  With some luck this will lead to more natural looking piles instead of the rock-like snow clumps I have now.  Both Ivan and the Manhuntress will be getting more snow to try and even out the clumps, though because of this approach there will always be little hills and clumps.  The weather here in the DMV has been rainy and cloudy for the last few days, which was a bit of a blessing in disguise as I would have sealed up the freshly snowed pair by now if 90% humidity hadn't stopped me.  It looks like the ever present cloud cover is moving out, so I should be able to get my varnish on in the next few days.

It doesn't look nearly this good in person.
Since I have another picture, a collection of random thoughts.  The insidious plague that is this blog is gearing up to join the Iron Agenda blogging network.  This very post might be the first to appear.  I'll hold off on the Iron Agenda podcast reminiscing until I get to the "Welcome new readers" post.  With the Warstore's Black Friday sale set to start tonight at midnight, I've been filling a fantasy shopping cart with most anything that I think I'd like with an eye towards cutting it down to reasonable levels when I see what the sale is.  The current total is $380 $390, though to be fair that includes a bit of Christmas shopping for EV, so it's not all for me.  I'm doing my best to keep Legion stuff out of the cart (outside of the book which I can put down to research) in an attempt to hold the Trollblood line, but if I look at it realistically it's just a matter of time.  Much as I like the look of the Trolls, the more I dig into the book the more they seem like a Khador in a different color.  I've heard a lot about Trolls becoming the ranged faction in Hordes, and if that's true then it would help to differentiate them from the existing Khador stuff I have, but with all the MAT and STR buffs the Trolls have it seems like shoving a square peg in a round hole.  On the other hand, Legion seems more Cryx-like, with glass cannons and dirty tricks.  I like the blighted elf theme as I've had my fill of standard Tolkien elves, plus the remind me a bit of the Blood Elves from Earthdawn who scratched my corrupted elf itch before I knew I had it.  (There's also the pimp daddy Thagrosh and his harem of buxom...witches angle, but that can stay in the subtext).  The beasts were a big turnoff for me initially, but they've grown on me from an apex predator sort of angle.  Perhaps I'll put a solo in the Warstore order and see how it looks in person.  In a twisted way, picking up Legion would work out well as I could stick with the "Paint the Trollbloods up real nice" pact I made with myself a few months back.  Hordes looks tasty and I'm anxious to take a few bites, but my progress with the Trolls has been minimal.  Then again, I'd want to wait for the plastic starter boxes, and with the plastic Legion beasts not due until February that will mean quite the delay.  Perhaps that delay would be long enough to allow for a large dent in the Khador painting queue...

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