Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's a small effing world

Games are popping up all over.
It's amazing what you can find at random on the internet.  A few days ago I linked to a Strakhov/Butcher battle report.  As I'm killing time today I head back to that blog, click around a bit to the blog of the opponent, and discover the blogger there is my local PG.

I have a local PG?

Turns out that my occasionally maligned FLGS has a Foodmachine tournament this Saturday.  Naturally I'm working in the morning and have a Caps game that night, but the point is there appears to be a community in my immediate area.  Much as I enjoy my weekly game with EV I'm keen to face some different approaches to the game lest my own tactics evolve in response to one opponent.  Looks like I may have found what I'm looking for. 

It doesn't end there though.  Poking around on the PP events forums showed another Foodmachine tournament, this time on Sunday, in Maryland.  So that's two tournaments this weekend after a nigh-total lack of events (outside the ~2 hour drive down to Fredericksburg) every other time I've looked.  But it gets crazier still.  One of the responders on the thread about this Maryland tournament was the guest on a recent Lost Hemisphere podcast and looks to be based out of DC.

Apparently the DMV has more to offer than I thought.  Now to work on venturing forth from my hobbit hole...


  1. Thanks for linking my site and report BTW!

    I would say that the community in DC is actually really good and a great group of guys, you (and your friend) should drop by Game Parlour in Chantilly (where the Foodmachine and PG is based) and say hi. We play Thursday nights and occasionally Saturday. More opponents are always good! We also just finished up a Slow Grow League.

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  3. Always glad to link around to good content. I know how much traffic I see from links, so I imagine everyone else is in the same boat.

    Weekends are wonky at best, Saturdays in particular are horrible, but Thursdays often work. Hopefully tonight will be one of the working ones. I feel like I've been looking around for something that's been hiding in plain sight the whole time, but I guess the point is that I've found that arrow pointing the way now.

  4. My schedule is the same way, I pretty much never go on Saturdays. I'll probably be there tonight however, and I think the PG will be to, if you can manage to come by.